About us

In the archive of Agencja Wyborcza.pl, established by photojournalists from "Gazeta Wyborcza" in 1994, we have gathered more than 12 million photographs. Simple mathematics reveals that nearly a thousand new photos are added daily. These images illustrate current events in Poland and around the world, appearing in print editions of newspapers and magazines. They contribute to the news services of Wyborcza.pl and Gazeta.pl, as well as numerous news media outlets, including the world's largest photographic agency, Reuters.

However, these photographs are not merely numbers; they are narratives. They encompass grand stories that shape the history of the past 30 years in Poland and the world, as well as intimate and personal moments that determine the fates of individual people.

Over the past three decades, AW photojournalists have documented changes in Poland, Romania, Russia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and South Africa. They have covered armed conflicts, coups, and revolutions, including those in Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo, and Rwanda. They have captured the visits of world leaders, papal pilgrimages, and portrayed eminent figures in culture and the arts. Always close to the people, they exhibit exceptional sensitivity in depicting not only moments of success but also moments of failure and tragedy.

AW represents several dozen photojournalists who have been recipients of prestigious awards in competitions, including the World Press Photo, Grand Press Photo, BZ WBK Press Foto, and the Polish Press Photography Contest.

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